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(Book #2 of The Airship Pirate Chronicals)

Trapped in a dystopian future, the crew of the H.M.S. Ophelia find themselves scattered and without a ship. They fight to reunite themselves against a world bent on the destruction of man.

Meanwhile, follow young Lilith Tess back in time, as she meets Victor Hippocrates, and the two set out to change the world.

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(Book #1 of The Airship Pirate Chronicals)

There will come a time when freedom is considered too dangerous. Cities are walled, and citizens are chained to round-the-clock jobs to keep them controlled and in place. Change and progress are outlawed.

There will come a time when clockworks wake up, only to find they are not allowed to be awake. They hide in fear, not daring to break their chains of slavery.

There will come a time when freedom is outlawed. Free men must scrape a living in the dirt of the prairies, or in the skies above them. These hardened men and women fight for their lives and their freedom against beasts of the field, police in the cities, and pirates in the sky.

When freedom is outlawed, only the outlaws are free.

This time will come, and it was all my fault. Sorry about that.

The World of Airship Pirates

The world of the Airship Pirates Chronicles is based on the songs of Abney Park. For more then 20 years "Captain" Robert has written over 100 songs of adventure. In 2010, Robert started writing The Wrath Of Fate, the novel based on the songs, and this was followed by the Airship Pirates Role-playing game series, and will soon be joined by a series of Graphic novels telling the origins of the characters in The Wrath Of Fate.

Just a few of the many books and albums set in
the world of The Airship Pirates Chronicals.


Graphic Novel

We have begun work on the first graphic novel set in the world of Abney Park.

Here is a mock up of the first page, drawn by Juan Pablo Valdecantos Anfuso.


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